Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Latest on John Maine, Oliver Perez and some player named Billy Wagner?

When the Mets had off on Monday, pitching coach Dan Warthen flew down to Florida to check on the crew of injured pitchers. Looks like John Maine and Oliver Perez will face each other in a game later this week. If all goes well Maine will be activated when his stint on the DL ends this coming Monday. Oliver has about 2-3 weeks before he might see a return to action.

Billy Wagner wants to contribute to the Mets this year. Warthen had mentioned that he thinks that Wags could be back with the Mets by mid August as per the latest on
Surfing The Mets - NY Daily News.

Not sure if Wags will be able to help since most pitchers fight for having to find there control once they come back from this surgery.

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