Thursday, June 11, 2009

Meet Darrell Ceciliani

With the 134th pick in this year’s draft, the Mets chose left-handed OF Darrell Ceciliani of Columbia Basin College in Washington.

Ceciliani went to Madras High School in Oregon. When he wasn’t drafted in high school, Ceciliani decided to go to Columbia Basin College, hoping he would get noticed. The Mets picked Ceciliani with the 134th pick in the fourth round.

When contacted by the press, Ceciliani said, “It’s definitely an honor to be drafted in the top five rounds. We were hearing I’d go anywhere from rounds three to seven. I was hoping to get in the top five.”

Ceciliani led CBC in runs scored, doubles, triples, home runs, runs batted in, walks and slugging percentage while helping the Hawks to a 44-7 record.

“I talked to a couple of scouts in the fall, but most of them I heard from started coming to games in the spring,” said Ceciliani. Continuing, “I had a couple scouts at one game where I did really good, and from there it spread through the grapevine.”

Ceciliani and the Mets have until August 17th to come to an agreement on a contract. “Hopefully we can get a deal worked out, but if not I’ll finish out this (school) year and be eligible for my sophomore year.”

It is expected that Ceciliani will command a signing bonus around the $250,000 range. Last years’ 134th pick, Sean Ratliff, received a signing bonus of $225,000 from the Mets.

Beau Eastes - The Bulletin

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