Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Rattling of Mike Pelfrey or was it the defense ?

Another good game last night except for the outcome. The Mets lost 5-4 in extra innings on Chase Utley’s second home run of the game. He seem to rattle Mets starter Mike Pelfrey earlier in the game by stepping out of the box. I have heard on talk radio that Pelfrey let that get to him and he sort of admitted it in the post game report.

Yes it did get to him but the 7th inning when Pelfrey was running out of gas his defense did him in. Carlos Beltran’s letting the ball hit the heel of his glove off the bat of Ibanez and the dribbler that Wright could not pick up with his glove cost them a win. Pelfrey had a talk with Johan who before the start told Mike to stop walking off the mound and to stay with a rhythm. Well Utley just disturbed his rhythm and Pelfrey took offense. You know what Pelf get over it. Utley rattled you and you let him. The Mets could have won the game if the defense was there for him by the 2 “core” players.

The defense was there for Fernando Tatis who caught a rocket off the bat of Jimmy Rollins that would turn into a double play.

Also kudos for Jeremy Reed for catching Ryan Howard’s shot off the left field wall. Reed gave himself up for the catch. Was pretty nice! Of course Jason Werth’s catch in the bottom of the 11th prevented a Mets win.

See the Ron Swoboda like catch

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