Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mets fans and there distaste for the Phillies.

In checking out some other websites that cater to Met fans there seems to be a lot of trash talking about some of the Phillies players. Some of them are upset with Shane Victorino and his little fist pumps he did last night after the Utley homer in the 11th. I guess making fun of K Rod? Or the fact in the first game that Jimmy Rollins did a little shushing motion to the Mets fans after his go ahead home run in the Phillies loss Tuesday night. Don’t forget Chase Utley getting Pelfrey mad at the fact of stepping out on him . Do these guys remind you of another team ? How about the 86 Mets?

20 some odd years ago there was a team that seem to have anyone hating them . Guys like Backman, Dykstra, Strawberry etc. There was even a book about them years later about the team that people love to hate.

So now we have a team like the Phillies who seem to get into peoples craw with there action. You know what sounds good to me. I like the fact the Phillies stick it to the Mets. It is like the red headed step child looking for some attention. Let them keep it up Makes for a fun summer. Right Cole? Was that a blast seeing Pelfrey hit one off the wall on you? Priceless!

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Anonymous said...

i guess no one gives a shit about your blog. i found it on google... The Mets are mentally weak goats. we still laugh at your team's celebrations - reyes, tatis - what a bunch of clowns. they get more excited for a game-winning hit in June than our classy squad does for one in october.

new york sucks.

thanks for your post.

-Proud fan of the PHILADELPHIA phillies.

... oh, and how can you NOT sell-out for your biggest rival and World Champion, the PHILADELPHIA phillies? out getting a latte?