Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mike Pelfrey gets a pitching lesson from HOF Jim Palmer.

This is something you don’t see that often. Or maybe it goes on and its not reported. How great is it though that HOF Jim Palmer went looking for Mike Pelfrey to discuss his pitch selection in Tuesdays start against the Orioles. In a column over at there some interesting tidbits about a pitch Mike Pelfrey threw against Orioles hitter Nick Markakis.

To have a HOF give a pitcher some insight is great. Honestly though how often do you see that from a member of the opposite teams broadcast booth where HOF Palmer works these days.
Of course Pelfrey was in shock but listened intently.

Of course Pelfrey recollection of Palmer is only from the commercials he had done which I just find hysterical. These players seem to have no appreciation for baseballs past. That’s for another day.

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metsfan73 said...

Great post. I heard the same thing this morning on WFAN. Amazing how players today know nothing of the past.
Keith Hernandez said he spoke to Ralph Kiner (when Hernandez was a player) for hitting insight. Hernandez has said that players today won't approach him.