Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pedro Is Prognosticating Again

Former Met Pedro Martinez is once again saying he expects to sign a Major League contract soon.

Pedro has told the Associated Press in his native Dominican Republic that he has had conversations with both the Tampa Bay Rays and the Chicago Cubs.

Speaking with the AP, Pedro said, "There's a good chance I'll be signing soon, but there still isn't anything firm."

"Chicago and Tampa Bay are the two teams that have shown the most interest and we are negotiating with them, although I've told my agent not to call me until it's a done deal."

It is not known how much money Pedro will be looking for, but up until now it is believed he has been seeking $5M annually. Teams have balked as frequently as Mike Pelfrey at such a high salary. Pedro has spent the majority of the last three seasons either injured or ineffective.

Although Pedro is still a character, and the type of personality that is adored by fans and teammates, he no longer has the movement on his pitches to be considered anything more than either a stopgap or occasional starter.

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