Friday, June 19, 2009

Offense does its job. Bullpen shows cracks.

Ok so it would have been nice to score more then 4 runs in each of the last 2 games. The Mets have been resilient in there playing in Baltimore with scoring runs even when there behind. Last night they had a lead and for the second time in 2 nights the bullpen gave it up. The night before it was El Pedro and last night it was K –Rod.

Not a good time to lose a game when the Rivals Phillies lost 3 straight to the Blue Jays at home. Do we need now start worrying about the bullpen? The Mets now come home for a 10 game home stand against the Rays and do not have a day off until July 6th. That is 17 more games in a row.

The bullpen better buckle down and get back on track. There reliability is why the Mets have been surviving so far this year with all there injuries. With out the bullpen picking the offense up this season will be over before Jose Reyes gets another at bat.

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