Monday, July 6, 2009

Get Him A Uniform!

This morning on WFAN, the Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts show was at the Trump National Golf Club in Briarcliff Manor, where the Sixth Annual Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation Golf Classic was being held.

Among the many guests the duo had, the only Met, other than Joe Torre, to be interviewed (or possibly attend) was Darryl Strawberry.

As always, Darryl was great. He still has the cockiness he had as a player, and all these years later, it is still great to hear.

Benigno and Roberts asked Darryl about David Wright’s struggles, and Darryl quickly pointed out that Wright is crouching too much at the plate, and he needs to stand taller. Darryl believes that with Wright crouching too low, it reduces his power. Darryl told us that he has spoken to HoJo about this, but he doesn’t know if HoJo has spoken to Wright.

Darryl also said that Wright is putting too much pressure on himself, and does not seem able to handle it. He has full confidence that once Reyes and Beltran return from injuries, Wright should have a lot of the pressure alleviated, and thus should perform better.

Darryl also discussed how he was able to handle the pressure well, but was quick to mention a large part of his being able to perform in the big spot and handle pressure was due to having Keith Hernandez as a “mentor.” He said that Mex taught him how to be strong mentally on the field, and that Hernandez was a “great mentor.” Darryl intimated that this team does not have anyone like that on this team, someone who could pull Wright aside and get inside his head, to help him along.

As always, it was a great interview. To listen to the interview in its entirety click on
Darryl On WFAN

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