Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jeff Franceour disapointed with trade

Hmm . Nice to hear. Well he and Brian McCann have been buds since they have been 12. Everyone speaks volumes of Bobby Cox . So maybe it makes sense that Jeff ala "Frenchie" as he was called is not thrilled about playing in Flushing.

To read what he said check it out in Frenchie's own words before he left the clubhouse so he can board a plane from Denver to NY.

The Mets made this trade to spark something in there lineup. Lets see how Jeff handles it the first time he strikes out 3 times in Citi Field. The reception he gets will be much different then the one he might get tonight.

His plate discipline is horrible. I am sure they will let him do his own thing at first . Look for Hojo shaking his head alot in the next couple of days. Jeff;s on base perecentage rivals Mets hot catcher Omir Santos which hovers around .290 -300 who in the last 2-3 weeks has done nothing.

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