Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jerry Manuel has a close door meeting after ugly loss to the Brewers.

Mets manager figured it was time and took 25 minutes and spoke with his team during a close door meeting after the Mets loss to the Brewers earlier tonight by the score of 6-3.

After emerging from the meeting Jerry pointed out that there were things a bit out of line that he has seen emerging from his team especially during the current 5 game losing streak which is the longest this season.

Jerry went on to say that he told his team that they can win with the makeup they have right now. Which is start contrast to what he has told the media over the last week about needing a hitter in the lineup to help the offensive starved team. Hard to see the Mets actually taking heade to what he said since he is the one who was squawking before about the team is just treading water.

there were signs of frustration evident tonight. Dan Warthen got thrown out of the game in the 4th since he thought the ump was squeezing the strike zone on Santana. Santana himself lost composure after seeing F Mart fall flat on his face after he over ran a ball in the outfield. Of course Santana did not help the cause by walking the opposing pitcher in the ugly 4th inning on 4 pitches.

What will come out of the meeting who knows but the Mets have an afternoon affair on Wednesday so they dont have long before they head out there again . This team right looks awful . They cant get out of there own way. They still stay 3 out with the Phillies losing in 10 tonight to the Braves 5-4.

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