Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thomas Edison Had Nothing On Us

Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor of such world changing devices as: the phonograph, the incandescent light bulb, and the kinetoscope, is pale in comparison to the inventions of our 2009 NY Mets. They invent new ways to lose every night!

Fernando Martinez over-running and falling on a ball that should have been caught

  • Bad throw to home, short hops Santos, properly backed up by Santana, who subsequently air-mailed the ball into LF, allowing Ryan Braun to score.

  • Walking the opposing pitcher

  • Starting Fernando Tatis who hasn't had a key hit since his grand slam three weeks ago

  • Not only starting Argenis Reyes, but batting him lead-off with his paltry .083 batting avg.

  • Starting a 40 yr old LF who is obviously hobbled with a sore leg/knee

  • Committing three errors in one inning

There are many more, but why re-live the nightmare now when we can watch a new one in this afternoon's finale in Milwaukee?

As reported Here, Jerry Manuel had a closed door team meeting after the game. Many believe it was to lay down the hammer, and get his team back on track. I don't believe so. I think it was a Think Tank to discover new ways to lose.

One rumored, but unconfirmed report has Fernando Martinez mistakenly running to third base, with the bases loaded, out of the batters box after lining the ball the opposite way into LF.

Another unconfirmed report has Omir Santos throwing to Nick Evans at 1B with runners on second and third, to try and keep the kid's head in the game. The ball whizzes past an unsuspecting Evans head and into RF, allowing both runs to score.

And the last rumored invention on how to lose, and also unconfirmed report has Manuel making Pelfrey not only pitch left-handed, but underhanded.

Regardless of what was discussed last night after the loss, we loyal Mets fans acknowledge that our team will find a new revolutionary invention on how to lose another game.

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