Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mets Allow Two Point Conversion, Lose 8-0

Last night on the gridiron the Mets lost to the Dodgers 8-0. After scoring a TD, the Dodgers decided to go for two, which turned out to be the right decision. The Mets defense played tough, only allowing the Dodgers one TD, but what has been the case all season, Mike Pelfrey, starting at QB, was unable to break the goal line, and were shutout for the second consecutive game.

The Mets have lost four straight, and have hit .183, been outscored 21-3 and struck out 28 times. Mets 3B David Wright is once again in an 0-16 swoon. I guess the positive sign is that he did not strike out.

The Mets were only able to muster four hits, and never really threatened the Dodgers after Luis Castillo was thrown out trying to got from first to third on Alex Cora's single in the third.

Jerry Manuel commented after the loss, "When you don't hit or hit singles, you're a team that looks lethargic, and that's what we are right now."

Can't slip anything by our fearless manager.

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