Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More Bad News From Mets Camp

"It's hard for me to give you specific dates. You know it's not going to happen the next day after the All-Star Game. The guys are going to have to probably go out there and you know, strengthen their legs and, you know, play some games, get some at-bats. What timeframe that is, I just don't know that." Not the best news delivered by Mets GM Omar Minaya.

Jose Reyes received a cortisone shot Tuesday to help with the pain he still feels in his hamstring, and Carlos Beltran can't even consider returning until he plays in some re-hab games after the bone bruise in his knee subsides, and he isn't scheduled to be examined until after the All Star break, where he will also have another MRI.

Beltran has undergone platelet rich plasma therapy in which blood is removed, platelets are separated in a centrifuge and then re-injected. Beltran said, "Sometimes I feel it. Sometimes walking I do feel it."

Reyes is still having discomfort when trying to accelerate, but has been able to bat right handed. Omar Minaya explained, "He has pushed it and in pushing it, it definitely tightened up some."

For those of you who don't believe in Carlos Beltran, and how important he is to this team, consider this stat: The Mets are 5-10 since he played his last game on June 21st. They have scored three runs or less in 11 of the games, and have been shutout four times.

Minaya said that there isn't much on the trade market because some many team are in contention. Continuing, Minaya said, "The biggest mistake I've seen sometimes general managers make is when they feel urgency, they make big mistakes. There's not this magic bullet that you bring in here."

While still discussing trade opportunities Minaya said, while discussing trading prospects, "I have to keep an eye not only on '09, but I have to keep an eye on '10, '11 and '12."

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