Friday, July 10, 2009

What Could Have Been...

How nice would it have been to have a different second baseman on the Mets this year? To have someone who really wanted to play in NY? To have someone who has won Gold Gloves of his own, and is a proven leader? The Mets didn't just miss out on it this off -season, but they blew this deal back in the Winter of 2007 when they signed Luis Castillo to a four year $24M deal. A deal that is un-tradeable. Not only were the years unwise, but so were the dollars.

The Mets could have had Orlando Hudson. Yes, the starting Dodger 2B, who is presently batting .285 to Castillo's .277. Not much of a difference, no, but Hudson has five HR's with 46 RBI's compared to Castillo's 0 HR's and 17 RBI's.

Although Hudson was only 3-13 for a .231 Avg. against the Mets this past series, he did knock in five runs over the three games...a little less than 1/3 of all of Castillo's RBI's for the season.

Hudson will be a free agent again at the end of this season. With Castillo having two more years and $12M owed, will the Mets dip their toe in the water? I would doubt it. I believe the Mets are in worse financial shape than they are letting on, whether it is a direct result of the economy or Bernard Maddoff, I don't know.

Not that Hudson would have made the Mets 5 games over .500, but I think his winning attitude and his play on the field would have definitely benefited this team.

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