Friday, July 10, 2009

Mets lose Time to blame Jobu.

Well someone has to take the blame so I think its fair at this point in the season that our friend Jobu takes the hit. Why? Well when the Mets won the other night he texted me that he was hitting wings and watching the Mets do something strange and get hits and score runs.

Well last night I did not receive any text and I just confirmed with Jobu he did not have wing fest and I added the pieces together and…. Thanks Jobu!

I mean come on now Livan cant get anybody out. He has given up 15 runs in 7 innings over his last 2 starts. Thankfully there is the All Star break so Livan can retool his 83mph fastball. The Media wants to know who will replace Livan. Come on man be serious Livan will be pitching. I mean he needs to work through it. Maybe Jon Niese might be coming up after the break but more then likely if he does he will replace Nieve if he has another bad outing.


metsfan73 said...

There is another theory floating around out there that the reason they lost is not only that Jobu didn't have wings, but if we back track to the night before when he did have wings, did he have them at the Ale House in Levittown? That is key. As we all know, the Ale House is the place, and any other establishment to have wings would sort of be like the Devil-In-Disguise theory.
Thanks a lot Jobu! Because of your selfishness, the Mets winning streak is over.

Jobu said...

OK...Every Mets fan needs to eat wings every night so the Mets can win!!!!!

Livan is killing me...he can't get out of an inning without walking the park!