Friday, October 23, 2009

John Lackey he is our man and probably everyone elses

Watching last nights game and Lackey's performance just reminds you how much a gamer he is. Of course the words were its "Mine Sosh this is mine" Yes Lackey this off season is yours. With that performance in most likely his last start of the year before he heads to free agency the Angels pitcher held the Yankees to 0 runs and left with the bases loaded until Darren Oliver threw 1 pitch and before you know it it was 4-3.

Now wouldnt he be great right next to Johan Santana in the rotation. Manuel wouldnt know what to do with himself. He would be afraid to go out there!

Lackey is looking to command a deal in line with 80M Burnett got if not more. Of course the Mets will not be the only team interested. Hey K ROD call up Lackey and tell him how great it was being out of contention since July that should seal it.


Jobu said...

Jobu went out to LA last year and drove K-Rod back to Flushing. He is willing to go west again & pick up John Lackey too. Just say the word.

Jason said...

I can't see Lackey fitting in New York.