Saturday, November 28, 2009

A article that is a must read.

Nice to see someone is working this holiday season. If there is one article that you read over this long extended weekend it’s the article by Bob Klapisch which you can read here

In it he motions to the point that the Mets will need more then a couple of free agent fixes before they become a dominant force like the Phillies.

He mentions how the Mets were last in the league in spending on the 2009 rookie class. How the only really breakout player they have in the minors is Ike Davis. How the top 2 minor league teams for the Mets were awful. He also mentions how the Mets brass has signed a bevy of managers in waiting with Terry Collins now part of the arsenal if Jerry Falters.

Kevin Towers worked wonders when he was with the Padres and a low budget market. Even if there is some grief with him possibly stepping on toes with Omar he should be someone the Metsies should sign and don’t let the Yanks get him.

Then maybe when a Matt Cain type prospect comes around we wont blow him off and sign a prospect like Aaron Heilman.

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metsfan73 said...

Good job. Klapisch hits the nail on the head in some key points, but misses badly when he says that Jeff should take a page from Fred's book of the 1980's and build the farm system. That system, I believe, was the results of Nelson Doubleday, Frank Cashen, and Joe McIlvaine, not Fred Wilpon.