Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mets look to resign Elmer Dessens - Wilson Valdez signed by the Phillies

Not much going on in Metsie news. The little tidbit I heard about is the Mets are looking to bring back relief pitcher Elmer Dessens. He had a ERA of 3.31 in 32 innings in 2009.

Also Mets utility infielder Wilson Valdez who got some playing time when Alex Cora went down was signed by the Phillies.

Dont worry Mets fans Ramon Martinez is still out there!

Just a quick note wishing all a happy thanksgiving from the 24 hours boys to everyone that might take 2 seconds out of there busy day to check out what we have to say about our beloved Metsies.

As our friend Jobu conveyed to us recently, at least we can give thanks to the fact that Mex will be back in booth with Darling and Cohen in 2010!

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