Tuesday, December 29, 2009

As per Wfan the Mets have signed Jason Bay pending a physical

Mike Francessa has just said that the Mets will announce after the weekend after the physicals come back that the Mets will have signed Jason Bay.

Unless there is some issue with his physical he will join the Mets early next week. This offical annoucnement will be made early next week.

No word on length of contract. **** update As per Joel Sherman of the Post deal is for 4 years and 66M with a vesting option for the 5th year. There had been word that the Redsox's were concerned about Bay's shoulders so the physical might be a deal breaker. ****

Jon Heyman confirms the Mets and Bay have reached a deal. The Mets might have bumped up the per year amount .

Now at least there will be some interesting banter on Hot Stove on Mlb tonight.


DyHrdMET said...

you know what I got out of that "announcement" by Fatso Francessa? HE LIKES TO HEAR HIMSELF SPEAK! Or he knows that something will happen with the physical so he kept reminding us what was involved.

Long Island Met Fan said...

i think they had to say something since there re up season ticket sales have been lagging..

Jobu said...

It's about time..he better be healthy.

metsfan73 said...

Remember this is the team that traded for an injured Victor Zambrano and JJ Putz!

Jobu said...

Dave....you are such a buzz kill!!