Monday, December 14, 2009

As the Phillies sign Roy Halladay the Mets go after non tendered players

Ahh what a day. It starts with word that Lackey is heading to Beentown and ends with Roy Halladay spending his evening in Philly working out a nice extension . Nice!!!! What are the Mets doing.. Oh offering minor league deals to the likes of Kelvin Escobar!!!!

Halladay heads to Philly while the Mariners obtain Lee and send prospects to Toronto. Why no Halladay in NY? Have you seen the Mets? There is word that Halladay didnt want to sign an extension to play for the Mets and the Blue Jays wanted Reyes. Instead they will get a boatload of prospects .

It will be fun to see Halladay pitch at Citi but I think the Phillies really are going to spend big bucks to retain him to maybe get 3-4 wins a year then Cliff Lee was giving them.

Will Omar good luck with adding bench players . It will be nice fit as we watch the team 90 miles to our south hit the playoffs in 2010...

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