Thursday, December 24, 2009

Change Of Heart?

According to John Beattie -, the Red Sox are re-evaluating if they will rework their budget to sign Jason Bay.

After having an active off-season signing OF Mike Cameron and SP John Lackey, it was believed that Boston didn’t have the capital to sign Bay. They also seemed to have moved on.

Apparently not. According to WEEI Network the Red Sox are looking into the following:

According to a team source, the Red Sox have had internal discussions about extending their organizational budget to potentially allow for another offer for free agent outfielder Jason Bay. The discussed proposal to Bay would be in the vicinity of the four-year, $60 million deal originally offered the outfielder by the Red Sox.

It’s time for Omar to draw the line in the sand. Accept before Santa makes his departure from the North Pole, or the deal is off the table.


Long Island Met Fan said...

somoene has been hitting the egg nog hard this afternoon!!!!

Will there be a xmas miracle or will we just have a leg lamp under the tree when we wake up? :)

Jobu said...

Fox sports is reporting that the Angels are looking into Mr. Bay as well.

Omar...stop drinking christmas cheer and sign the man!!!!

metsfan73 said...

It's not a leg lamp! It's priceless. It's from Fragile...Italy.