Saturday, December 12, 2009

Jason Bay Not The Fielding Liability He's Reported To Be

Today WFAN's Mets Beat Guy Eddie Coleman interviewed Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe. The main topic obviously Jason Bay, who the Mets recently offered a four year $63M - $65M contract.

Having been keeping a close eye on the web and Twitter, many seem, to be really down on Bay and his fielding. Having seen Bay play with Pittsburgh, I never thought he was that poor of a defensive left fielder. I remember him having a good arm, but his range wasn't great. Have any of you seen Matt Holliday field? I wouldn't waste my time worrying about Bay.

According to Cafardo, he does not believe that Boston will change their offer to Bay by much, if at all. He also expressed to Coleman that Bay is a better fielder than what has been written about him recently, and he is consistent: usually hits around 30 Hrs with approximately 110 – 120 RBI's annually. He also showed he can handle big market baseball – having played in Boston the last year and a half. People fail to remember that Bay came into a very difficult situation when he arrived in Boston; he was replacing Manny Ramirez, who helped lead Boston to their first two World Series Championships since 1918 (2004, 2007).

It was a good interview by Eddie C, and refreshing hearing someone who has seen and covered Bay since his arrival in Boston. He shed light on Bay and his fielding, and I would feel real comfortable having him patrol LF for the Mets (not that I had to be sold on this. I wanted the Mets to get Bay at the trading deadline in 2008).

Click on link to hear the interview in its entirety: Eddie Coleman With Nick Cafardo Of Boston Globe (Jason Bay).

***It is being reported that Bay has rejected Boston's latest offer. Maybe we'll hear some news on Bay's feeling on the Mets offer soon. ***

Source: NYMiracleMets On Twitter

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