Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mets announcement coming today via Mike on WFAN

Yes the Mets station is helping the Mets sell tickets by having Mr Met Mike Francessa say on his radio show on monday that on tuesday there will be a major met annoucement. What it is no one is saying. For it to be a player signing is hard pressed that someone doesn't leak it out before his show this afternoon.

There is speculation galore running rampant. Could it be raising ticket prices ? Lowering the fences? A Gary Cohen day? The signing of Holliday and Bay?. Some say Mike was the first one to mention that the Mets had an offer out to Bay months ago it seems.

The Mets have 2 times extended there season ticket deadlines and now its Dec 31st. What have the Mets in store to have people lining up to re up there tickets?

Is it maybe retiring Mikes Piazza number? Will everyone get a visit by Mr Met? Will there be a outlet of the Millers Ale house at Citi Field? Great wings! Stay tuned for Mike and his 1pm show. I am sure whatever the announcement it will be a let down!

****** Mets sign Jason Bay......see our most recent post as of this afternoon*****

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metsfan73 said...

I have it on good authority (me) that the major announcement will be the retiring of Mr. Mets number, 00.