Friday, December 18, 2009

Mets Flying Under Radar?

There is a rumor starting to float out there that the Mets are in negotiations with the Reds for pitcher Bronson Arroyo. That’s not only it. According to the rumor,

‘there are multiple other players involved -- including more Reds -- and because the Mets "have a player under contract that needs to be moved in order for the deal to be expanded," whatever that means.’

Hmmm, could moving a contract be Luis Castillo, and the “including more Reds” mean possibly 2B Brandon Phillips?

Arroyo is a good pitcher, possibly a #3 for the Mets, who has post season experience (2004 Red Sox) that might help the Mets.

Although this is only a rumor, it certainly bears watching.

Source: NBC Sports

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Nikki said...

I would love this move. I just wrote about how I'd like to at least show interest in Arroyo... he's had good years with terrible teams recently and would definitely be an improvement!