Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mets only move is to re work existing contract. Franco calls for calm

As the winter meetings draw to a close with this mornings rule 5 draft where the Mets pick 7th there was only ground work done when it comes to moves for the Mets.

Omar Minaya was right when he said trades seem to be the favorite of the winter meetings.

The Yankees grabbed Granderson. The Orioles got Kevin Millwood and the Rangers seem poised to get Mike Lowell. The Marlins also sent former Met Matt Lindstrom to the Astros. What the Mets do? Rework Henry Blanco’s contract which you read about

We know Omar tried to move Castillo but got rebuffed. Is it that teams just have no interest in what the Mets have to offer?

John Franco said to the
NY Post that Met fans should remain calm. Look it doesn’t matter to me if the Mets make a move at the Winter Meetings or not. The whole concept of the winter meetings is to get everyone together and see what you can do and for a baseball fan in the winter its great for 3 days to get baseball flowing again.

Of course it would be nice for the Mets to get on board and get something going. If not this week soon. The Mets are still in the hunt for Lackey, Marquis and maybe Holliday. We have over 2 months to go before spring training. By then the Mets fans will have something to celebrate. Be nice to have something under the tree sides a re worked Blanco contract.

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