Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mets Putting The Brakes On Bengie?

Multiple sources are stating that Bengie Molina is most-likely stuck on a three year deal, thus turning the Mets interest to luke warm.

This morning/early afternoon the Mets are meeting with the agent for Yorvit Torrealba . According to David Lennon on Twitter, he tweets:

Minaya met with agent for Torrealba this morning. Price/years may be too much on Molina, so Yorvit real possiblity now.”

As you might remember, the Mets have a stormy history with Torrealba. Before trading for Brian Schneider prior to the 2008 season, the Mets had an agreement with Colorado's Torrealba. It is believed all thing were agreed upon, when the Mets abruptly pulled out of the contract. It is alleged that they were concerned with the shape Yorvit's shoulder was in. He wound up re-signing with the Rockies, and has field a grievance against the Mets.

It's a safe bet that a contract between the Mets and Torrealba would be contingent not only upon a positive physical, but that he remove his grievance against the Mets.

Source: David Lennon via Twitter

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