Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Rumor Maine to Brewers for Cory Hart

I love the fact that you can wake up and read about new rumors for trades as the winter meetings go through the night. One rumor that has surfaced is the Mets trading John Maine to the Brewers for Cory Hart.

Not sure I like this deal because Maine is the one guy that you think you can count on next year when you include head case Ollie and Mr Yips Pelfrey. Maine is coming off shoulder surgery and seem to pitch decent at the end of the year. Hart had a down year for the Brewers where he hit only 12 homers. There both arbitration eligible.

Other rumors that surfaced is shipping Castillo to La for there speedster Juan Pierre. Pierre is owed 10M more the Castillo and honestly Pierre just doesnt have the power the Mets need.

Also of course there is rumors the Mets are interested in Kevin Millwood. He seems to always be in a rumor.

Signings yesterday include Brad Penny by the Cards on a 1 year deal and a late night signing of Pudge Rodriguez to a 2 year contract by the Nationals.

Source: Mlbtraderumors

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