Sunday, December 27, 2009

Remaining Left field Free agents options for the Mets.

On a day when the football Giants are eliminated and the Jets need a win to stay alive we give you the list of free agent left fielders the Mets could set there sights on when they give up on Jason Bay. The Mets might could think 1 year deal on some of these players like a power hitter like Cust but he cant play the field that well. There is also the Reds Johnny Gomes. Too bad Cliffy cant still play without getting injured.

Garret Anderson (38)
Marlon Anderson (36)
Emil Brown (35)
Marlon Byrd (32)
Jack Cust (31)
Johnny Damon (36)
David Dellucci (36)
Cliff Floyd (37)
Jonny Gomes (29)
Matt Holliday (30)
Reed Johnson (33)
Greg Norton (37)
Wily Mo Pena (28)
Jeremy Reed (29)

Gary Sheffield (41)
Cory Sullivan (30)
Fernando Tatis (35)
Marcus Thames (33)
Randy Winn (36)

List courtesy of Mlb rumors.

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