Sunday, December 6, 2009

Time For FMart To Get Pissed

Fernando Martinez is back from knee surgery playing in the Dominican Winter League...or is he? Martinez, the oft injured -alleged five tool player, is once again day-to-day with an injury.

His surgically repaired knee is fine. The injury dejour? Blisters on his palms (insert dirty joke here). Apparently FMart over did it during batting practice, causing the blisters. From reports, we have heard that the blisters aren't healing very well as of yet.

Former Met Moises Alou, who is GM of the Dominican team Martinez is playing for, is well known for his cure for blisters...take a squirt on them. That is not a typo. Alou used to urinate on his hands because he is of the belief that it toughens the skin. He has passed these words of wisdom onto Martinez.

I don't know, isn't pickle brine a less disgusting alternative? Maybe it's me, but I would be a bit cautious high fiving or shaking hands with FMart after a win.

I don't know, maybe Alou is right. Maybe it is time Martinez gets pissed...

Adam Rubin NY Daily News

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Long Island Met Fan said...

i know the mets are looking for a catcher that will work well with the pitching crew and Molina gets good grades for that but i would love the Mets to go after the young Dionner. There is no such thing as a lock and i would love to see Dionner and Thole duke it out in spring of 2011