Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mets fans speak loudly They dont want Bengie Molina

On Monday the winters meetings start in Indianapolis and the Mets still need alot of help. They have amassed many a catcher these days. Word has been that Warthen and Manuel were not too happy with the catching core in the way they handled the Mets pitching. Of course Warthen takes no blame.

The Mets still seem locked in the rumor mill of signing Benjie Molina. Well most fans including me see the ole man Molina as a stop gap to Thole. There are many fans though that dont want him even for a year. Some of the comments I have seen are below.

"Bengie Molina is NOT the answer to the Mets catching woes. He would represent yet another bonehead signing by Omar."

Instead, the Mets should be looking outside of their organization for a young catcher with a sound arm who can handle the load. "

"wow i am a giants fan and believe me you do not want bengie molina. Sure take that park he ain't gonna hit home runs...he cannot catch... dont waste money on will need to play him only every other day...he will always strike out..."

My personal favorite is below

The Mets front office are the only Met fans in the world that want Bengie Molina anywhere near Citi Field.

As you can see from our poll and comments from fans that Molina is not a good fit. He is not a onbase guy. So do we really need him and Franceour being 2 strikeouts in an inning?

Still wish the Mets would look into Dionner Navarro if its only going to be a year. He could be non tendered by the Rays.

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