Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What is next for the Mets?

Well I am sure with the Mets just about putting a bow on the signing of Jason Bay there will be a lot of chatter regarding the deal. I mean up to this point everybody wanted the Mets to do something and now that they did fans are wondering ok what’s next?

No one thinks Bay is the saving grace for this team. He is a piece that can pay off. For the first time the Mets have a legitimate thumper in left field really for the first time besides of course Dave Kingman (Kong). We know the Mets are playing the waiting game with Molina but there are other parts to fill.

The Mets still need a pitcher. Of course Lackey went to the Red Sox and Wolf and Marquis are with the Brewers and the Nationals. The Mets might be interested in ground ball pitcher Pinerio or a guy like Ben Sheets. Or maybe the Yankees almost Cy Young – Wong. John Garland is also still available. The Mets I am sure realize that a pitcher is needed especially when you have Maine coming off surgery , Pelf coming off a year that was just awful and Perez who is working in Arizona this off season trying to come off injury as well as being basically clueless.

The Mets also should think of adding a right handed bat that can play first base. The Mets need someone off the bench that can hit a bomb. They now have Pagan as the 4th outfielder with Bay being signed but they really need someone that can hit the long ball.

Once Jason Bay passes his physicals and he is announced as the newest Met to wear Jay Payton’s number 44, Omar better have another announcement that signals another move in the right direction for this team and signing Molina to more then 2 years is not the right answer.

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