Friday, January 1, 2010

How Will Jason Bay Handle NY...

"He's going to fit right in with the likes of David Wright. He's not an excuse-maker and he's going to fess up when things don't go right."

"He's a lunch-pail guy. He's going to come in and play every day and play hurt, and he's going to be an asset to the Mets.”

~ Dave Magadan – Former Met and BoSox Hitting Coach ~

"We all wanted to get in line behind him,but he never once asked us to follow."

~ Jared Hertz – Former Gonzaga Teammate ~

"He came here for Manny and had to deal with being the guy that came here replacing Manny. He came the last two months of 2008 and handled it like a champ. He was very productive for us and a big reason we got as far as we did in the playoffs."

~ Dave Magadan – Former Met and BoSox Hitting Coach ~

These are just some of the quotes from those who know new Met, Jason Bay. My only question, other than him passing the physical set for Monday, is whether he actually wants to play in NY. I'm sure these questions will be addressed at the press conference next week introducing Jason Bay as the Mets new left fielder. From all that I have read, which is extensive, Bay's personality will handle NY without issue. Remember, he came in and replaced Manny Ramirez in Boston, where Ramirez was legend. Barring any issues with his physical, Bay will handle NY well, and I think Met-fandom will embrace Bay.

To everyone out there, we here at 24 Hours From Suicide...A Day In The Life Of A Met Fan – wish you and your families and loved ones a Happy Healthy 2010, which will hopefully culminate with the Mets in the post season.

Source: Mike Puma - NY Post


brandon knight said...

The Red Sox will spend that money on pitching or a comparable player in free agency. I think Bay's stats will decline for the Mets because of their ballpark doesnt yield as many home runs.

Long Island Met Fan said...

opposing teams had no issues with hitting homers in Citi Field. More is made out of it then it really is.