Friday, January 1, 2010

Mets fans everywhere welcome in 2010

As the clock struck 12 last night Mets fans everywhere celebrated the fact that woeful 2009 season and year is finally behind us. What started out with great hope in spring training in Florida ended with the Mets best players landing on the DL and basically washing out any hope for a decent year.

Well now we can focus on the fact that its 2010 now. Time to move on. A new decade and later this week the Mets will be welcoming a new player in there fold pending a physical.

As a Mets fan this past year was horrible . Even though the Mets opened a new park and we had to say goodbye to our beloved Shea we had hoped to play meaningful games in September. We wanted more to look forward to then a 40 year celebration in late august.

Well 2010 is here. The start of grapefruit baseball is only 6 weeks away. The team still has alot to accomplish in the off season but we wish Omar back from a vacation to get on the phone and get the Mets a pitcher and some punch off the bench.

Best wishes to everyone in the 24 hour family who spends any part of there day checking in on the site. Happy New Year!

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