Saturday, January 2, 2010

Some quotes on Jason Bay. Mets still to check out Carlos Delgado

News is pretty slow but it should pick up after the weekend. The Mets will have Bay's physical on Monday and then schedule something to annouce the Bay signing if all goes well.

Sean Casey of MLB was a former teammate of Bay's and had this to say about him.

When it comes to home runs at Citi Field

"He put up pretty big numbers there and it doesn't get much bigger than PNC Park," said Casey, who noted that the park's deepest point is 410 feet in deep left center. "He will hit it out of Citi Field, down the line and in left center."

When it comes to Bays defense which Casey thinks he will be fine.

"I've heard people say he's below average, it drives me crazy. He can play there. He's a solid outfielder."

"This guy is a baseball player. He hits the cutoff man, he takes good routes to the ball. He's not a random guy who can hit and is just thrown out there."

Carlos Delgado might still be on the Mets radar

According to the Daily News, Delgado might start playing winter ball in Puerto Rico as early as tomorrow. Mets still might be able to get him cheap but who knows if he can be ready for the season.

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