Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mets Might Have Learned

In Brian Costa's article in Star Ledger, the Mets are proceeding cautiously with Jose Reyes. According to Mets GM Omar Minaya, “The key is, we want Jose for the long season. That’s the focus. It’s not whether he’s there for the first day. It’s we want Jose for the long season and we’re going to do everything we can to make sure we have him for the long season.”

Maybe one of the smartest statements made. Jose wants to play, but the Mets are treading lightly because Jose hasn't played a Major League game since May 20, 2009. How terrible would it be if Reyes is in the line-up on April 5th, the season opener, and gets injured, and misses significant time?

Continuing, Manuel said, “It’s about whether or not he’s ready to play Major League Baseball, period. And when he does come, we might take that even cautious. We might give him a day off here and there.”

I honestly can't say I believe this last statement. Remember after DWright came back from his concussion? Jerry said the same thing; he was going to rest Wright every other day. He did that once the remainder of the season. The words are great, but if the actions don't reflect the words, they ring hollow.

I honestly think Jose will be at SS on opening day. I just wish the Mets don't rush him back. With a personality like Reyes', it is hard. He is a kid trapped in a young man's body, and he has that childish exuberance. But, wouldn't it be better to have Jose for the long haul instead of the first month of the season? It's a long season, and as
I have stated before, I would rather have Jose for the stretch run than on opening day.

On consulting Reyes about his availability, Omar concluded by saying, “It’s not only what he says, it’s what we see.”

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Long Island Met Fan said...

Reyes needs to have some reigns on him. Why? Just look at his september fall off every year. Check out sept 2007...he hit around .240 as the mets collapsed. 2008 was not any better.