Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Is this the same Mets team that was 4-8?

Ok what gives here. 9 games ago the Mets had just finished there first road trip and were sitting at 4-8 and every one wanted Manager Jerry’s neck. They also wanted the Mets to bring up Ike Davis and do something with dead arm John Maine.

Well 9 games later everyone seems to be doing the snoopy dance as the Mets wake up this morning in … dare I say it First Place!!!! Ok yeah I will temper my joy but hey its better 9-12. Today they go for the sweep against the Dodgers and we can finish the homestand 9-1 . Which would match the best homestand the Mets had since 1988.

Ok so the Cubs ,Braves, and Dodgers are not the cream of the crop. Well the Cubs went on to beat up on the Brewers after they left Citi. The Braves were a team lot of teams picked to contend. There just not hitting. The Dodgers bullpen is horrible I will give you that.. Ok so what has changed with the Mets.

12 games in a row the starters have not given up more then 3 runs a start. Jason Bay has been warming up finally . He has hit a couple of doubles, triples and finally hit one out last night.

Mets have been getting key 2 out hits. Just look at Nuke last night. A bases clearing triple to right center.

When they make errors it doesn’t cost them the game . Like last nights brain fart by Angel Pagan on a ball hit between him and Bay in the 9th inning. I loved Bays reaction to it.

Also look at Henry Blanco taking the extra base last night on a ball hit to centerfield. That was outstanding. Great read on Kemps non hustle to the ball.

Mets are 3 games over .500. The Mets are playing like a team with a purpose. Keep it up boys.


metsfan73 said...

Not only haven't the errors killed them, when they get into trouble early, like having bases loaded with one out, they are pitching and fielding their way out of it.
If they win this afternoon, it will be the best homestand since 1988...the year they won the division!

Anonymous said...

No, there is a guy with a name that rhymes with Pike.