Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Looky Here!

After the Mets swept the double-header from the Dodgers, the San Francisco Giants did the Mets a solid by beating the Phillies 6-2 out in San Fran.

With the loss, the Phillies dropped to 2nd place, a 1/2 game behind THE METS!

You read right...the team that at one point was 4-8 is now 12-9 and in first place.

The Mets-Dodgers series ends this afternoon, and after an off day tomorrow, the Mets travel to the City Of Cheesesteaks, to take on the Phillies. Could make for an interesting weekend.

I know it's early, and the NL East division lead can change a dozen times or so between now and the end of the season, but it is fun to see them playing well. Even Nuke LaLoosh (aka David Wright) had a good set of games yesterday.

I along with all Mets fans will enjoy this moment. Hopefully this can be the start of something special.


Jobu said...

thanks 4 the couldn't be quiet......never wake up a sleeping dog......

Long Island Met Fan said...

speaking of sleeping dogs...are you in the witness protection program these days?

metsfan73 said...

Jinx-Schminx! I never stated that they would clinch. I was just saying they are playing well and they should enjoy it.

I hope we didn't blow your cover.

How is life in Butte Montana?