Thursday, April 8, 2010

Where are they now Angel Pagan?

Seems like yesterday we had Pagan being duped at second base. Or maybe it was being picked off first only to be saved by a errant throw. Hey Angel quick question. How many outs are there?

Angel Pagan who roamed Citi Field last year and had triple after triple has not played defense in 1 inning in any of the 2 whole games the Mets played. He is the man without a position. There is talk that he won’t be in the lineup tonight. Say it isn’t so Manager Jerry!!

We will see soon enough but Manager Jerry has hinted over the course of the last couple of days that he planned to play all his players over consecutive days. Does that mean Pagan sits tonight again and go with the hot hand of Gary Matthews? Yes I am jesting of the hot hand but trying to take Manager Jerry into context sometimes is as complicated as the reasoning of batting Mike Jacobs fourth. Yes it’s to break up the righties.

Pagan is exciting to watch when he has all the synapses working in his brain when he runs out a triple. Do we need the stress of him forgetting how many outs there are? I think at this point Matthews Jr has not stressed Manager Jerry out and as long as he his hitting leave him in there.

Manager Jerry has enough to deal with when it comes to the pitching staff.

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