Monday, May 31, 2010

OP Refuses Assignment To Minors; Teammates Angered

The Mets asked Oliver Perez to accept an assignment to AAA Buffalo, which he promptly refused.

Jerry Manuel, when asked after the game how Perez would be used, was hard-pressed for an answer. Manuel did stutter and stammer when he said, “That’s really a tough question. [Maybe] extra innings or something like that, but it’s going to be tough to find spots for him.”

Although un-named, two Mets players are tired of Perez and his antics, and are hinting that he isn't wanted on the team.

As Mike Puma writes in the NY Post, one player responded to Manuel's statement on when to use Perez, “What, we need another 20-inning game and then use him after we’ve used all our pitchers and if a position player’s sinker isn’t biting?”

Still quoting an "un-named" player, “You tell him you go to Triple-A or that’s it, you are finished."

Perez is still owed approximately $20M for the remainder of this year and next. Knowing this, a player still said, “At some point you have to cut bait. You owe him a lot of money, but for what?”


Anonymous said...

No doubt Ollie is listening to the advice of that shrewd judge of baseball talent, Scott Boras, whose only interest in Perez is the next contract he signs. Time for Omar to fess up to this worst Mets contract since Bobby Bonilla and tell Ollie and Boras, "your choice, go to Buffalo and try to salvage your career or we release you and you'll wind up with the Newark Bears." Until then, the Mets are essentially taking the field every day with a 24 man roster.

metsfan73 said...

Good points, and I agree whole- heartedly. Thanks for taking time to comment.