Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Green, Davis, Mejia, Perez

DO you remember a pitcher the Mets got a while back in the Endy Chavez deal? No not J J Putz who was lame but the 1 and only Sean Green. Who? Yes Sean Green is still with the team . Wow I feel better now about the bullpen!!!! He is rehabing and might be on the mound pitching soon . He was diagnosed with a fractured rib in early April.

Ike Davis will be getting a breather tonight when the Mets face Lefty Nate Robertson. Davis seemed to be pretty tired just running to first last night in the Mets 10-3 loss. Look for Mr. Fernando Tatis to get a start. Tatis has not had a hit since the end of May.

With Mejia out and Omar saying he wont be out long,look for the Mariners to maybe wait before then unload Lee. The Mariners have already mentioned that there ok with getting pitchers or hitters that might not be major league ready this year.

Ahh good ole Ollie. He might be heading to rehab soon and be put on the 30 day clock like Beltran is. Of course the Mets would use all 30 days for Ollie and then maybe beg him to stay on with rehab to about, oh I dont know mid October.

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