Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mets and Cliff Lee rumors for Tuesday.

Ok so Smiling Omar Minaya according to the NY Post is walking around saying oh no problem we can get Lee if need be without Mejia.Really that is great! Then what are you waiting for? If you want Lee to part of the rotation then get him. Why wait for Takahashi to blow up or Dickey to have another bad start and drive the price up just do the deal!

Of course I do not think the Mariners are as interested in what the Mets have unless there going to be after a numbers game. Give them 4 prospects with F Mart and Thole being 2 of them. If they want to have some pitchers then give them Parnell and they can try to convert him back to a starter. Or Dillion Gee or Brad Holt even though there not lightening it up in the minors.

The longer you wait the odds are the more competition the Mets would have and other teams like the Twins -Rangers or whoever more then likely have better prospects if Mejia is not part of the deal. Where is Carlos Gomez when you need him.

Also here is a take on the Mets injuries this year and how they have an opposite affect opposed to 2010. Of course it does include SNY.TV /Megdel thoughts on Lee as a rental.

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