Friday, June 25, 2010

Mets rally comes up short lose 6-5

Wait a minute..I thought this team had heart and won games like this? Yeah ok I guess they can lose 1. Of course when Nuke (Wright) had the bases loaded and as I watched his swings I was like yup MR K is back. He was doing his version of Frenchy instead of just trying to loft a ball to the outfield. I was really hoping that Davis would get up and at least tie the game since I really wanted for once to have Bay come through and knock in some go ahead run but it wasn't too be.

The Mets Takahashi only last 4 innings as the Tigers took him deep a couple of times. Mr Gary Cohen or was it Darling made some great comments about the heat and how that in the past Takahashi was used to pitching in domes. No Matter its still been a fun season watching this team battle back. Leyland I am sure was talking to himself as his pitchers started coughing up runs.

Mets host the Twinkies tonight with Big Pelf on the mound. Twins are having trouble scoring run lately.

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