Monday, June 21, 2010

Mets send Jennry Mejia down-Here comes Bobby Parnell

Mets might have lost yesterday but they did a gain a possible starting pitcher in a month or 2.

After the loss to the Yankees by the score if 4-0 then sent Jenrry Mejia down to double a Binghamton to be coverted back to a starter. His first start will be Wednesday night so there is no fooling around here. He had is last inning in the majors yesterday pitching the 7th and did fine.

Look for Bobby Parnell to be heading to Citi Field in time for Tuesday''s game against the Tigers. Parnell has been inconsistent lately for the Bisons. Right now he has a ERA over 4 and has walked 17 and struck out 42 in 41+ innings for the Bisons. Mejia finished his relieving stint with a 0-2 record and a decent ERA of 3.25


metsfan73 said...

Could this be the Mets planning for the post John Maine era? Do you hear the ominous chord playing in the background? Wonder if Maine does...

iberlian said...

Parnell was solid lat year, well as last year's relief went. I think sending Mejia down will help in the long run because that kid is going to be a legit starter. Obvious this seems similiar to the Joba situation across town, hopefully we handle ours a little better. Nice blog, check out some of our stuff sometime, we're Mets fans living in South Florida.

-Your fellow Mets fans and friends at Second Half Push (