Sunday, June 27, 2010

To land Cliff Lee Mets need to be swift and send Mejia

As the Mets just completed a rubber game victory earlier today against the Twins the Mets have to be thinking that with wins against good teams in the American League that they are ready to be a contender as the summer goes on and leads to the playoffs.

If this is the case with Santana not being a true #1 at this point they might have to give up something decent to land Cliff Lee and keep him from landing with the Twins or another club. If the Mets want the lefty they might have to add Henrry Mejia to a deal, if Mejia is still healthy at this point, so the Mariners might want to a trade with the Mets. Without Mejia the Mets do not have a real deal that the Mariners covet. The Mariners want a catching prospect which the Mets do not have the prospect in Thole as the Twins have.

It is also being reported that the Mets want to have an opportunity or a window to see if they can get Lee to sign to an extension with them. Now Lee has said inthe past that he wants to test the waters. If the Mets can convince him to sign a deal then dealing away Mejia wouldnt be such a bad move. Of course again if the 20 year old is healthy. Imagine 3 lefties in Niese, Santana and Lee against the lefties the Philles have? Awesome!

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