Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Who is the Manager here K Rod or Manuel?

In the bottom of the 8th in a game the Mets are down 2 who walks to the Mound? K Rod..Sorry I dont care if he needs work or not, he should have been held back especially since he would have to be lifted for a pinch hitter against the Marlins bullpen.

Of course I dont doubt that K Rod if was pitching the 9th might have done the same as EL Pedro did by giving up some 2 out hits so the Mets waste a decent comeback and lose 7-6

Manager Jerry I know wants to be accomadating to his closer but enoguh is enough. Also can we get 1 out when we have 2 outs and nobody on? Cohen was talking about the Marlins pen and how they were trying to keep the Marlins starters go longer, well our pen in Puerto Rico is no better.

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