Sunday, July 11, 2010

Beltran To Patrol CF For Mets Thursday Vs. Giants

According to David Lennon, Carlos Beltran will be in Thursday's lineup in San Francisco against the Giants.

Also according to Lennon, Francoeur will sit and Pagan will play RF (with Bay in LF). Fans just don't realize how important Francoeur is to this team; not just with his Gold Glove caliber defense, but also with his MVP style of Clubhouse camaraderie. I just hope Jeff doesn't start to get the "Church" treatment from Manuel.

I have guarded optimism of Beltran's return. I have always loved Beltran and the way he plays, but expecting the Carlos of old is foolish. According to Steve Popper, "Beltran's last MRI still showed bone bruising in one area - another area better - doesn't feel as bad as before surgery but not healed."

Beltran's bat should help take pressure of Bay, and we all know how much we need Bay to produce.


Long Island Met Fan said...
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Long Island Met Fan said...

Bobble head Bay- If there talking Bay batting 6th with Barajas 7th dont expect him to get many fastballs.