Monday, July 12, 2010

Thank you Johan Santana

As a fan if the Mets were 6 games out and in 3rd place at the All Star Break as most fans I would have not been really ecstatic about that. To really florish lately at home and then get swept by the Braves and lose 5 out of 6 at home would just make everyone think the teams progress over the last 2 months were for naught. That 2 game swing was huge for the Mets and us fans.

Johan has no problem thriving in the heat as his partner in the rotation Mr Pelfrey seems to wilt. Santana in the first inning struck out Larry Jones on his change up that dipped inside under his bat and you knew that this could be a good day for Johan.

The Mets could have left him in for the 8th after 107 pitches but Bobby Parnell using breaking pitches to start off the Braves hitters except Glaus was a nice change from trying to blow them away. This day those breaking pitches were working and in the 9th with the Braves thinking All Star break K Rod did something I think they call a 1 -2 -3 inning.

Now the Mets are 4 out and can enjoy the break on a good note. Looking forward to Thursday.

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