Friday, July 2, 2010

Carlos Beltran at Citi Field against the Reds?

As the Mets wasted a Santanaesque performance last night , the Mets Center fielder Carlos Beltran took a scheduled day off Thursday. This weekend will be a big test for Beltran since he will be playing the entire weekend in St Lucie. It has been a long road back for him and at this point the weekend games will give him and the Mets a good idea of where he is and if his is ok.

What that means is there is a possibility that if Beltran has a good weekend he might be on tap for him coming to Citi Field and playing during the Mets final homestand before the All Star break.

Manager Jerry thinks that having Beltran face better pitching in the minors will not really help Beltran that he is better off facing major league pitching.

Knoqwing his situation it might not be a bad idea for him to get in a couple of games before the break to get his feet wet and then have a nice little respite during the All Star break . The Mets will still have over 70 games and I think to start a couple of games in a park he is familiar with could benefit him and not on the road on the west coast where the Mets will be following the All Star Break .

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