Thursday, July 1, 2010

No Reyes,Pagan or Bay tonight! Mets vs Nationals July 1st

I really cant believe its July already. I couldn’t wait for the calendar to turn to April and now we are almost half way into the season already.

The Mets face the Nationals after getting in this morning just in time for rush hour traffic in DC. Mets have there B-Team ready to support Santana which I am sure just makes him so ecstatic. Carter in Left. Lets hope that lollipop he threw home last night was a fluke since I think he might get a couple of balls hit his way tonight.

Mets face Livan who baffled the Mets earlier this year but seems to be coming back to earth with some starts where he was pummeled. Santana is 5-5 and is just hoping that he wont tip off his changeup to Dunn. Reyes of course is out with that back/side stiffness and Pagan sits as well. Betcha Nuke will not a get a rest anytime soon. The Mets 3rd baseman has missed 1 game so far this year.


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