Sunday, July 18, 2010

Castillo to be activated Monday- Tejada to Buffalo

As the Mets head over to Arizona for 3 games starting Monday night, look for everyones door mat Luis Castillo to be activated in time for the series and more then likely that spells Buffalo for Ruben Tejada.

Fans seem to think that Tejada should stay with the Mets but honestly the kid is over matched at the plate. His offense has been bolstered by being hit 6 times in a little over 100 plate appearances. There is no love loss for Castillo but he will hit better then Tejada once he gets his grove and will take pitches which is something this teams has forgotten to do lately.

Tejada defense has been great but with Castillo coming back and Reyes eyeing a return its better the kid plays everyday up in Buffalo.

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